Scotties – CNY 2015


Kruger Products goal was to increase awareness for its Scotties Facial Tissue brand amongst the Chinese community while showing that the brand has a more evolved and contemporary side. Facial tissues are a low-involvement product, and most brands are hard to differentiate from one another. While the Kleenex brand is generic for tissues, Kruger’s Scotties is the #1 brand in terms of volume and dollar sales. Kleenex had also begun to put more emphasis on design of their boxes, a similar territory used by Scotties.


Our objectives for Scotties was to focus on its “brand equity” and stand for something relevant in the consumer’s mind. Research showed that box design is a big factor in determining purchase. For Chinese New Year (CNY) 2015, Scotties featured a new design – a red tissue box with gold lettering printed upside down in the Chinese tradition that said “Good Fortune”. Ethnicity saw this as an ideal platform and timing for advertising Scotties to the Chinese marketplace – an opportunity to plant its flag solidly in the ethnic market and to “own” ethnic as well as mainstream. A 30 second TV commercial was created and launched on ethnic Chinese TV stations and was supported by a print ad.


The Scotties CNY box design, the TV commercial and print ad were warmly received by Chinese consumers as well as the media. Researched showed that the campaign resonated well with newer immigrants (those in Canada for 10 years or less) and 1 in 2 Chinese Canadians who saw the advertising said they were interested in purchasing Scotties. The TV commercial also won the interests of the media and in turn our client was featured in an interview on Chinese stations.

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