Nestlé Cafe au lait



Given the popularity of cafes like Starbucks, Nestle’s objectives were to gain a market foothold and trial for it’s new instant product.

The idea: 

Canada is a huge and diverse country, and not everyone lives near a cafe. The idea was to position Nescafe International Coffees as the brand that “turns your home or office into an instant cafe”.


The campaign entered the market as a multi-media effort leading with three 30 second Television/Video spots that ran at prime-time across Canada and also aired in major Cinemas. The campaign included a print campaign with four, full-colour ads that ran as half-pages in major newspapers and in select magazines, and as posters in retail malls at point-of-sale.

Even though Nescafe International Coffees was a late entry into the Canadian market, with major competition already on the shelves,  Nescafe became the #1 brand of International Coffees within two years.

The campaign was chosen by Marketing Magazine Canada as Canada’s Multi-Media Campaign of the Year.

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