The objective of this multi-media Caltex Brand (oil and gas) campaign was to continue to strengthen the company’s leadership positioning as the The Caltex “Star” throughout North and South Asia, Australia and South Africa—and most importantly create top of mind awareness for the brand’s products which are formulated to enhance the driving quality of today’s more sophisticated automobile engines.

The Idea:

A multi-media campaign was created including regional and local TV, cinema, magazines, newspapers, outdoor, transit, and digital blog posts. The campaign focused on the creed of quality, professionalism, service and efficiency, to dictate that you as a customer are always satisfied with Caltex’s distinctive value through modern and well-managed facilities, high-quality, high-performance products and services, innovation, and fast and polite service.

The creative work was designed on the idea to “renew your driving experience” and keep you on the go, so that you can stay focused on reaching your goals. You can leave your Caltex station each time feeling recharged and ready to hit the road again. In other words, the Caltex brand is all about “you”.


By the end of Q4, the Client reported that the campaign was very successful. In Australia alone, Caltex’s net profit rose to $197 million from $113 million a year earlier, driven largely by a surge in the sale of their premium fuels.  Sales of premium oils also rose 14 per cent over the past year. The Caltex campaign, lead by several TV spots, aimed to find a way to present the unique setting of a service station, how it brings people from all walks of life to one place and can meet all their different needs in one location. The campaign showed Caltex as more than just a fuel and convenience story.

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