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Structured under four divisions providing end-to-end solutions for top-tier clients:

1. Education and Training

Sometimes it’s helpful for companies to offer their general management and marketing teams a Multicultural Marketing 101 seminar on the ethnic opportunity. This helps everyone understand why multicultural marketing needs to be on the agenda. We also offer more advanced and customized seminars addressing your specific needs.

2. Ethnic research and insights

Data is the building block of strategy. We do our homework and have built a databank of research and stats. But it is not enough. We are also great at benchmarking on a competitive basis as well as on an international basis. But it is not always enough, either.

Often, you need to talk directly to consumers to gain insight and knowledge. We know how to ask the right questions and get the right answers. We have an in-house multicultural marketing research and insights specialist. We offer a complete range of qualitative and quantitative services including focus groups, mall intercepts, on-site, telephone, online and more. And we have the ability to do it in-language.

3. Strategy and business planning

Has your marketing strategy looked at targeting multicultural communities? As experienced marketing strategists, we created Ethnicity to help you gain the knowledge and confidence to dip your toes into this growing and vibrant sea of opportunity.

But before you jump in, we’ll work out a well-defined strategy – the necessary base for any effective marketing plan – and you will see how multicultural markets will help you increase sales and revenue.

4. Creative and execution

In the end, no matter how finely-tuned the marketing plan and the strategy, regardless of how brilliantly evaluated the research, the day dawns when all that stands between your product and the consumer is the communications. At that moment of truth, when the consumer is confronted by your ad, video, billboard, event, or social media content, how will you fare?

Was it intrusive and relevant to the ethnic community?
Was it exciting?
Did anyone notice it?
Did anyone act or react?
How did they act or react?
And did it result in a sale?
That is the final fence where most multicultural advertising stumbles.

This is where Ethnicity can make all the difference. Our work, present and past, has always had the elusive ability to jump that fence and go well beyond.

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