Everyone knows that Shell’s gasoline and lubricants fuels our cars and buses, but few people know about the countless products derived from oil.
Shell’s objectives were to create goodwill for the company and the industry through creating awareness for the many products derived from petroleum. In our modern world, we have come to enjoy and expect a certain quality of life that is sustained by everyday things made from these natural resources.

Campaign results:

This campaign of small space ads appeared in newspapers, magazines and in OOH media. Each ad featured products you would not have thought were made from petroleum – from the toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, mascara, lipstick, contact lenses and eyeglasses, your daily multi-vitamin, coffee pot, drinking cups, egg cartons, cooking utensils, mattresses, computers, memory chips, cellphones, ballpoint pens, ink, and the asphalt roads we drive on. Even advanced medical devices such as artificial hearts, prosthetic limbs and hearing aides are made from oil products.

Although no ad measurement systems were engaged, Shell believes the campaign reached it’s objectives given all the free press the campaign garnered over the year in which it ran. In an on-line research survey conducted the following year, this mini-campaign was mentioned several times by respondents.

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