Most hotel advertising looks much the same, utilizing the standard approach of showcasing luxurious rooms and lobbies. On the other hand, Shangri-La is committed to providing guests with distinctive Asian standards of hospitality and service that stand out amongst their peers. The hotel wished to create a campaign that lived up to its mission: To delight our guests every time by creating engaging experiences straight from our heart.


To elevate the brand above and beyond other five-star hotels, the decision was made not to do the usual by showcasing the rooms. A series of two-page spread magazine ads appealed to the emotion of the experience of staying at the Shangri-la. What the Shangri-La was offering was more than just a hotel room. They were offering an escape from the frantic pace of life. What better way to show this than through a tranquil scene in the forest partnered with a quotation dealing with escape:

“We invite you to experience one of life’s great paradoxes: a premier suite that can calm your nerves at the exact same moment it stimulates them.”

… or a beautiful waterfall:

“Our guests tell us how difficult they find it in choosing an adjective which best describes their stay with us, a dilemma easily solved by staying an extra day or two.”

… or the memory of ocean waves lapping on an island shore:

“It’s been said that life is a series of compromises. For those who can ignore this wisdom, there will always be the resorts and hotels of Shangri-La.”

The campaign which ran across the Asia-Pacific region was “a huge success” for the client,  achieved regional recognition and awareness, and garnered a considerable amount of free PR in magazines and newspapers.

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