Jewish Family Services of Ottawa



The JFS made a decision to publicise the organization’s ability in helping parents aged 50+ understand the need to make their final wishes known to their children and legal advisers through a Living Will and Health Care Directive—well before they become terminally ill or incapable of making decisions for themselves, and leaving behind a tangle of family arguments and financial worries. The objective was to create a series of full page newspaper and tabloid ads to run in Ottawa that would alert the public about this topic, as well as build and improve the JFS profile in the community as a centre of counseling excellence.


The idea to remove the faces of the key financial breadwinners from real family portraits and replace them with pithy headlines, provoked and challenged readers to contact the JFS for further information. The JFS was able to increase their revenue by increasing the number of clients interested in Living Will counseling. This increase in revenue also strengthened the agency’s capacity to serve a greater numbers of low-income clients while reducing counseling wait times.

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