When HSBC introduced its Hexagon Global electronic banking service to Asia, the bank’s objective was to gain instant awareness for the brand name throughout Asia. Hexagon’s unique benefits were specifically designed for the corporate market, and would provide businesses with the most convenient and efficient banking services, plus highly secure access to their accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hexagon enabled customers to perform various financial transactions, obtain international financial markets information and review up-to-the-minute details of their domestic or overseas accounts.

Campaign results:

To make the name memorable, real customers were filmed in a studio and asked the question: “What is a Durian Fruit?”  When the film was edited, a new voice over asked the question: “What is a Hexagon?” To the viewer, the resulting answers were hilarious—and very memorable. Within three months the brand had been positioned successfully using humour as its catalyst. A follow-up print campaign helped the brand get further recognition across Asia by promoting Hexagon’s many unique benefits. Today the service has a new name, HSBCnet, and is found in over 60 countries and territories, offering an extensive and growing range of financial services, including global cash management, trade services, foreign exchange and securities, to its users via computer or mobile.

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