Del Monte



Del Monte products use to be found in 8 out of 10 households.  But awareness and brand share was giving way to competitors and private label brands. Consumers had no idea what the word  “Quality” on the Del Monte logo meant any longer, though it was there since 1909. The big hurdle to overcome is the consumer presumptions that canned fruit or vegetables are not fresh—certainly not on par with the just-picked produce.

Campaign results:

Research told us that consumers expect canned produce to be about 80 percent as nice as fresh. With that, we began by re-writing the company’s brand motto, giving it a more modern context.  It was the positioning for the new national campaign—featured in the final ad, featuring the label.  Media moved away from magazine ads and purchased 9 full-page newspaper ads in key national markets. The new ads were created to offer up “news” about Del Monte, re-positioning the brand’s “quality” promise with a focus on the “freshness”.  Each ad featured a solid reason to buy based both on intellect (reason), and emotion—”from planting time to harvest time, from field and orchard to you”.  Consumers saw ads that “did not look like the usual newspaper ads”. There was no logo; lots of white space.

Midway into the campaign, research told us the new campaign itself was helping to reposition Del Monte “Not as a Label—But a Guarantee” of freshness. Client declared that awareness and sales increased across the country for the brand. According to comScore, the campaign resulted in a 48 percent lift in brand awareness. Every newspaper ad looked fresh in a busy newspaper, elevating the brand from merely a convenient and reliable choice, to a brand with preferred ingredients for a healthy lifestyle. The campaign went on to win several advertising awards in the country.

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