Multicultural Marketing

The Schulich School of Business is running a course entitled “Multicultural Marketing and Sales Planning”, 17-19th September, 2014 and again on 16-18th March, 2015 taught by our very own Bobby Sahni and Howard Lichtman. This timely course will teach your team how to create powerful brand messaging and choose media that influences first generation, second generation and new immigrant consumers the right way! Plenty of case histories will be used to reinforce what works and what doesn’t! Businesses in Canada have a real sales opportunity— and a major marketing challenge at the same time. There are currently 6 million multicultural consumers across Canada, with 250,000 new customers arriving each year.
Chinese and South Asian households alone spend over $66 billion yearly at retail! What is your current strategy for marketing and selling to these key segments? The reality is 1 in every 3 dollars spent today is transacted from multicultural consumers. This practical course will discuss how to effectively market and sell your products and services to these profitable cultural sectors – with special strategic discussions about Chinese, South Asian, Filipino, and Caribbean culture. For more details download the brochure here.

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