Taste of the Danforth




During its first year (1994) approximately 5,000 people attended the festival. In today’s economy, moving the increasingly frugal-valued consumer to purchase requires you to “reach out” to them individually. We were asked to redefine the strategy, programming, marketing, advertising, PR and sponsorship for the popular community event with a limited program and advertising budget.


Ethnicity is very familiar with the importance of the customer experience. Agency Co-Founder Howard Lichtman formulated a unique strategy to shift the target audience, catapulting attendance to a record-breaking 1.3 million persons in 2010 and 2011. He utilized his connections to negotiate over $1 million in free media while elevating general sponsorship revenue by 80%.

Today, the Festival has become a celebration of both its Greek heritage and of a multicultural city. It is one of Toronto’s signature events and has grown to approximately 1.5 million visitors during the course of three days and two nights. People come to enjoy food, entertainment, culture, music, arts, sports and food.

We have helped to increased media sponsorship revenue and dramatically enhanced and expanded the brand’s awareness with earned media through its PR activities. In combination with media sponsors and public relations, the program results in millions of dollars in free publicity/earned media. In 2010, the Festival conducted an Economic Impact Study of the festivals impact on the local economy. Results were a staggering $32 million in economic activity.

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