Pepsico (Canada)
– Cricket World Cup


PepsiCo Canada was interested in getting closer to the ethnic community in the GTA to build greater awareness of the brand and increase trial and usage. Ethnicity was brought to the table to find an idea that could resonate with the ethnic community and help in its activation.


Pepsi Canada celebrated the games by hosting the biggest live HD-screening of the cricket match in Canadian history at Mississauga’s Hershey Centre, and more than 2,800 people showed up on the day, many of them wrapped with their national flags around them. The severe cold and wind chill of -40 degrees could not put off the excitement of the fans from South Asia when their favourite teams went head to head in what was to be another legendary match.


Pepsi provided Canadian cricket fans with a unique cricket-viewing experience, something that provided fans with the same level of excitement as watching the game in person.

Fans came from their homes, offices, colleges and universities prepared for the battle, some with their faces painted in totem colours. Many took selfies that were uploaded on the big screens when they were not shouting their lungs out. The Hershey Centre was filled with spectators including women and children by game time – 10 p.m. They stayed until the match was over, sometime after 5:00 a.m.
The event was emceed by the Canadian Indo-Pakistani band, JoSH, who also performed on the night. Fans were able to enjoy over 20 different activations inside the Centre’s arena. The night also featured free giveaways, great food, musical acts, celebrity appearances, games and activities. One lucky fan walked away with the ultimate prize – a pair of tickets for an all-expense paid VIP trip to Melbourne, Australia to see the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup Finals.

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