November 11 – More Than Remembrance Day

If I asked you what November 11 th was, you would likely say Remembrance Day.

If I asked you what the largest online sales day was, you would likely say Black Friday.

While you wouldn’t be wrong from a North American perspective, these aren’t the right answers.

If you look at the numerical version of November 11th, it’s 11-11.

That’s one-one-one-one.

In Asia that is Singles Day.

On Mother’s Day we give gifts to Mom, on Father’s Day to Dad, on Valentine’s Day to our loved ones, but what if we’re single? Single’s Day is all about appreciating and treating yourself.

It is said that it began in 1993 in Nanjing University. In 2009, it was adopted by Alibaba, the Chinese equivalent of Amazon. It received a major boost in 2011, which of course had six one’s – one-one- one-one- one-one. In 2015, there were $14 billion in sales. That beats out the combined online sales of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year Hong Kong and Taiwan are hopping on the bandwagon and projections are that it will top $30 billion. The holiday was set to be launched with basketball superstore Kobe Bryant and Katy Perry. She had to step aside and was replaced by David Beckham.

Not sure whether and when this phenomenon is going to come to Canada but in the hectic world that we live in I truly support the concept of “You deserve a break today”.

On November 11 th remember those who have sacrificed on our behalf. Perhaps later this weekend, take some time and part of your budget to treat yourself.

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